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Q. Are my details safe? I don't need more SPAM.
A. Yes. We will not on-sell or provide your email or phone details to any other company. We do not SPAM our users, all emails have an opt out option.
Q. Is the site easy to use? I don't have a lot of time to learn a new system.
A. Yes. Tour Atlas is very simple to use and is very quick. We have worked with travel agents to provide a super-fast, easy to use search system which puts 1,000's of tours at your finger tips at the click of a button.
Q. You say fast but everyone says their system is fast.
A. Our search results normally return in under 0.5 of a second. We are an IT company and our main focus it to provide the best IT system to the Travel industry. We undertake continuous functional and performance testing to ensure we meet our goals.
Q. So Tour-Atlas is not a travel company?
A. We are an IT company who specialise in delivering the best online group tour directory to the travel industry. As an IT company our group tour directory is our main focus and providing the best system to the travel industry is our primary goal.
Q. If you're not a travel company, how can you know what we need?
A. We have engaged with many different travel agents and tour companies to understand where the pain points are with group tours. At every level of development and implementation with re-engage with our group and ensure that we are meeting specific targets and requirements.
Q. Are you associated with any of the industry organisations?
A. Yes. We are a member of the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO). Our Cato number is 1042.
Our Cato member page
Q. If I have more questions who can I call?
A. Well us of course. We have an online chat box on every page, which will get connected to our team (it's not a bot) . If we are offline this system will allow you to email us directly. You can always email us at support@tour-atlas.com with any questions you have as well.